THIS POLICY CONTAINS INFORMATION PERTAINING TO GREATER OMAHA CHAMBER INFORMATION PRACTICES. This is the 大奥马哈商会’s 隐私政策, which applies to nenmobile.com(“网站”). It explains what information we collect when you use our site, 我们如何收集信息, how we use information and how you can manage that information. We pledge to strictly follow the 隐私政策 below, as well as all applicable United States laws and regulations, 包括隐私法.


我们保留权利, 由我方全权决定, 修改, add or delete provisions of this 隐私政策 at any time. We will post the effective date of any change at the top of this 隐私政策. 您对本网站的使用, 其中包括博天堂线上首页门户, after the effective date of any such modification means you accept and agree to be bound by the 隐私政策, 作为修改后的. We urge you to come back to this page and review this 隐私政策 regularly so that you remain aware of the 条款和条件 that apply to you.


“Personal Information” may include information such as 你的名字, 邮寄地址, 电子邮件, 电话号码. You voluntarily provide this information to us, for example, when you register with our Website (e.g., to access the Member Portal) or make a request for information or 服务. We may use this information for purposes including responding to your requests as well as to provide you access to interactive 特性 (i.e.、会议或网络研讨会). See the section entitled “How We Use Information” for more detail. We do not sell or rent your Personal Information to others except as otherwise disclosed in this policy. 如果有必要的话, our Website may collect payment and payment instrument information from you for the purpose of billing you for 产品, 服务, or event tickets you purchase 通过 our Website.


我们使用“cookie”,” which are small text files stored on your computer/device (and maintained by your browser), and often include a randomized unique identifier so that our Website can ‘recognize’ this cookie again. We primarily use cookies that are considered ‘mandatory’ or ‘technically necessary’ to provide our Website and its core functionality to you (e.g., cookies that store your log-in information or remember other settings, so you don’t have to re-enter them each time you return to our Website), and Google Analytics for audience measurement purposes (as described below). 请注意,我们不使用, or engage other 运营服务提供商 or entities to use on our behalf, 重定向cookie(例如.g., cookies that track you on our Website and across other websites in order to serve you a targeted advertisement) or other cookies that may track your experience on our Website in order to build user profiles. Should our use of cookies change in the future, we will update this 隐私政策 and notify you appropriately before such use (including obtaining your consent, 如适用).

We also use Google Analytics to obtain high-level “audience measurement” data such as the referral web domain, type of 操作 system/browser used, 访问日期和时间, and other information relating to 活动 on our Website to understand its usage better, 分析趋势, and optimize the Website experience. To help ensure such data within Google Analytics cannot be linked back to an identifiable user, the last octet of all IP Addresses collected have been anonymized, 与谷歌分享,“再营销和广告。,’ and ‘Demographics and Interests’ 特性 have been disabled, and retention of analytics has been set to 14 months. For more information on Google Analytics, including how to opt-out please click here: http://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245.

We do not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer or device for purposes that are unrelated to our Website or your interaction with our Website. You may stop or restrict cookies on your computer or purge them from your browser by adjusting your web browser preferences and you should consult the 操作 instructions that apply to your browser for instructions should you wish to do so and in general to determine how best to configure your browser settings to meet your requirements. 请注意,如果您“关闭”,“清除, 或者禁用cookies, although you may still use our Website, you may not be able to use all of the 特性, 功能, or 服务 available on our Website.


We will use information we collect or obtain when you use our Website as described in this 隐私政策 or as otherwise disclosed at the time of collection, to:

  • 进行内部研究;
  • 经营及管理本网站;
  • Respond to your requests for 产品, 服务, and/or information;
  • Communicate with you about 大奥马哈商会 产品, 服务, 事件, 促销活动, and other items we believe will be of interest to you;
  • Fulfill your purchases or registrations; and
  • Provide member 服务 including publishing a directory for members.


We may use third parties for the purpose of administering, 操作, 配置我们的网站, maintaining and providing internal support for our Website (including data storage), 在网上发布我们的信息, 电子邮件, 发信息说, or web-based 时事通讯 and other information. We will refer to these third parties as our “运营服务提供商.”

进一步, our Website may contain or display information from sponsors, 协办单位, 运营服务提供商, or others that offer to make information, 产品, 和/或可用的服务, and/or that provide opportunities to participate in 促销活动 or engage in 活动 or that link or redirect your browser to other websites, 网页, 材料, 或组织.

Even if we have a relationship with a third party you may encounter or see on our Website, the links or references to third parties or any of their websites, including any cookies or other technology they may use on such websites, are not under our control and they have their own terms, 条件, 政策, and 实践 that apply to you in connection with their websites, including those concerning collection, use and disclosure of your information (including Personal Information).

Some 大奥马哈商会 服务, 比如网络研讨会, 教育活动, 会议, 时事通讯, 还有网络小组, may be co-sponsored in conjunction with other companies that are not under the control of the 大奥马哈商会. 同样的, 这样的服务 might also include non-Chamber presenters that are also not under the control of the 大奥马哈商会. Whenever we are involved in the provision of 这样的服务, we will disclose the name of 协办单位 以及非商会发言人. When you register for 这样的服务, 你的名字, title, and company may be shared with such 协办单位 以及非商会发言人 in order to better tailor our 事件. 进一步, 当你参与时, 或参与, 这样的服务, 无论是在线还是面对面, you should be aware that any information you provide, which may include Personal Information, 可以透露给我们吗, 协办单位, 以及非商会发言人, 以及他们各自的政策, 实践, 条款和条件, 而不是我们的, may apply to their collection and use of your information. We encourage you to be aware when you leave our Website or take advantage links or other references, many of which may direct you or your Internet browser to websites or 网页 of another party. You should read their privacy statements and the 条款和条件 that apply because we are not responsible for any of the terms or 条件, 隐私惯例, 的内容, 功能, 特性, 活动, and/or transactions you may engage in when you are not using our Website.


We may share Personal Information with our 运营服务提供商 to assist us in connection with our Website or other 服务 we provide, or as otherwise described in this 隐私政策. We also reserve the right to share Personal Information:

  • When compelled by a governmental agency, law, regulation, a court or other legal process;
  • If we believe you are, have or may violate any law or regulation;
  • If we believe you are or may be a threat to safety, 安全, 财产, interests or rights of us or anyone else;
  • 为了调查, respond to or resolve problems or inquiries or protect, 加强或捍卫我们的权利, assets and/or interests; and
  • 在合并中, 收购, 控制权变更, partial or total sale or transfer of assets including in a bankruptcy proceeding, 合资企业, 或其他企业合并.


If you register on or with our Website, you acknowledge that you will receive information and updates about our Website, 产品, or 服务 You may opt out of receiving marketing or similar 电子邮件 communications from us by following the unsubscribe instructions we include in each 电子邮件 we send you. Please note that you may not opt-out of transactional 电子邮件s related to your account or purchases.


你可能会喜欢, the Internet is a public network and we cannot guarantee that communications between you and the 大奥马哈商会 or others to, 通过, 或从我们的网站, will be free from unauthorized access or interference by third parties. 通过使用我们的网站, you are agreeing to assume this risk and any and all responsibility and liability that may arise. We have put in place reasonable procedures to help safeguard information and we limit access to your Personal Information to only those employees, 承包商, 服务提供商, 志愿者, or other personnel under appropriate commitments of confidentiality and who need access in order to perform their duties.


We will provide you with a mechanism to allow and enable you to correct or update the Personal Information in our current records that we have obtained from you. You can also review and change your Personal Information by contacting us by 电子邮件 at member服务@nenmobile.com 或致电402-346-5000. Certain Personal Information may not be changed without authentication and you may be asked to provide additional information to allow us to verify your identity in order to change those. If you ask us to remove your Personal Information, we reserve the right to retain as much of your Personal Information and for so long as necessary to comply with our legal, 监管, 内部审计, 以及记录保存要求.


For questions relating to privacy, we can be contacted at: 营销网站:omahachamber。org 或致电402-346-5000 or by mail, 适当邮资已付, 在大奥马哈商会, 康尼格拉博士. Ste. 400,奥马哈,ne68102.